Christmas is coming and the year is ending. It’s that time of year when we ponder the mistakes and accomplishments of the last twelve months.

I have done quite a bit of traveling in the last year but I don’t know if that counts as an accomplishment or a mistake. Maybe it’s a mistake to spend hard cash on travel when the economy is headed down the tubes but who knows; maybe I helped to keep a few places in business for a while longer.

In some ways I am disappointed by the photographs I took this year. I’m not sure I produced anything worthy of the effort or expense, at least not in the eyes of the general public. Is photography a doomed art or am I just doomed to making average images that no one cares about. With all the images out there and new ones being added every minute of the day it is hard to get noticed. There is some part of me that wants to be noticed or remembered or both. The other part is happy to do as it pleases without concern for what anyone else thinks.

So once again I am of two minds which are constantly at odds with each other and no one wins.

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  1. I’m just a little bit surprised to find you doubting your photography, because the thought so closely mimics my own on the subject and in my eyes you’re so much more capable and talented with the camera. Ted, a man of few words, whom we both had as a contact from the start told me way back then, to make sure what I was doing was for myself. I understood that but I didn’t always follow it because I enjoyed the comments and interaction, so wasn’t that for me too?

    My photography, though silly and carelessly taken is the only good thing I’ve ever done on my own. Then with the push of the delete key, I have foolishly thrown it all away, more than once. I keep coming back though, because photography is the one thing that’s mine, and that I enjoy. I forget everything else when I’m photographing. I say today, the hell with recognition! But who knows what I’ll say tomorrow.

    Love your work and there will always be admirers and someday, maybe one image will make you a household name.

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