The Jury Is Out

The Presidential Inauguration is over and so are my two days of jury duty in the City of St. Louis. Today is Chinese New Year and a big winter storm is bearing down on us. There is nothing much new photographically speaking except for my New York weekend earlier this month and some photos I took of the Drive-In Donuts sign last weekend.
No one seems very interested in my efforts lately. I think photography is becoming more of a general pastime now that everyone has entered the digital age. It is relatively easy to take photos and post them online for all your friends to admire. People certainly chafe at the idea of paying someone to take photographs. It seems as though everyone with (or without) a camera dreams of being the world’s greatest photographer and living a life of carefree adventure.
I’m just trying to make it through another dull week of uphill struggle.

The New Year Looks Suspiciously Like The Last

It's Your Move

Welcome to 2009. It seems just like 2008 except for the uneasy feeling I have that things are about to get a lot worse. I hope that is not the case but I can’t help but wonder.

My last official act of 2008 was to take a trip to New York City to see the Christmas window displays. That was a lot of fun but I seem to be too tired to write much about it at the moment. I took some photos as usual and it seemed as though there were precious few that amounted to anything. Most of the time that I was taking photos; I was in a big hurry or fighting with the crowd for position. I also took a couple of photos with my Jsoly 4×4 but I won’t process those for a while.

On New Years Day I did nothing at all and spent the day in my bathrobe. It was peacefull and quiet, perfect for reading and taking a nap. Thus began the new year though there was nothing new about it except for a date on a calendar.