In Like A Lion Out Like A Lamb?

I like to use the dull days of an endless gray winter to sort through my photos and looking for the ones I meant to work on but never got around to. The weather has been less than inspiring lately and I have not gone anywhere in the last month. I keep looking for signs of life at the park but have not found any so far.
My favorite breakfast place has officially lost its luster but we had a good run of consistently great food there for a while and that is better than most of the places around here. I want to go back to Portland and have blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Because of the time difference I can actually get up in time for breakfast when I’m on the West Coast.
The big wedding is coming up later this month and I want to buy a new lens for my camera but the cost of good glass is enough to make a man faint. An inexpensive lens is tempting but the ones I have had in the past were not too good and didn’t last long under normal use. It just seems like money down the drain but that is about all I can afford at the moment. I’ve been looking at used primes on but those seem to go for ridiculous amounts of money and have no warranty.
It looks like this weekend’s road trip to Nashville has been cancelled. Bah!
Yes, I have a lot to complain about. 😉