Desert Resorts & Other Dives


We just got back from Arizona and I am in the process of organizing my photos and posting them online. We stayed at some pretty nice places on this trip like the Four Seasons in Scottsdale and the Intercontinental in Phoenix.

Random Thoughts

Sometimes a really good piece of art or a photograph can take the mind places and all your thoughts seem to mesh together for a moment.

It was the last thing he saw

As he went out of this world

He couldn’t recall the last thing he heard

In fact it seemed absurd

There was no sound at all

And he thought it rather odd

As he went out of this world

Photo Booth

I just finished reading American Photobooth by Nakki Goranin. It was pretty interesting. Now I’ll have to go home and dig out my one and only photobooth photo from when I was a kid. I can’t say that I recall ever using a photobooth during my teenage years. I had my own camera since I was about twelve years old so the idea of a photobooth never came up at least not that I remember.

There was one at the wedding reception in March and that is what got me thinking about it. I had loads of fun taking photos in that thing and taking photos of people taking photos in it. I probably ruined more than a few people’s photos by firing my flash at the same time that they were taking their photos. Oh well. 😉

I ran across a book by Michael Eastman the other day and there were a couple of photos from St. Louis that caught my eye. So as a result of that inspiration here is a photo of a building that I saw in the book and that I have been meaning to photograph for a while now (I pass it nearly every day). I have also included a link to a video interview with Mr. Eastman.