Sunday Brunch

I went to brunch today. The sun is out and it’s relatively warm. We sat at a table next to a double door that can be opened so we had a fresh breeze coming in and a grand view of all the activity going on outside. This is another iPhone photo run through the Pic Grunger App. I fear that I’m in danger of overusing it but I do like the old weathered look.

Yesterday I went to the Chili Cook Off at Gateway BMW. James chili came in 2nd in the tasting competition. He likes it hot and spicy (weapons grade). Today I think I may be suffering slightly from having tasted so much chili but it was fun and I got to ride my motorcycle. It was a little chilly (not chili) riding later in the afternoon. I got home before dark and worked on the Help Portrait St. Louis CWE project a little. Laura came over and set up the website for the donations. The main HP site is and the big event this year is on December 3rd but we are doing a test project the week before Easter. Whatever funds or supplies we have left over will get rolled into the December event. I didn’t find out about this project until after the fact last year so I am trying to get a head-start and get other people motivated early this year.

Online donations can be made here –

The sponsoring organization is the 2nd Presbyterian Church, 4501 Westminster. St. Louis, MO.

Love In The Air

These photos have nothing to do with each other but sometimes juxtaposition is more interesting than conformity. It seems like for the past week or more that television commercials have been constantly reminding us that love and money are somehow connected. That can only mean that Valentine’s Day is almost here and what is a holiday if not an excuse to spend?

The Grammy Awards are next Sunday, an opportunity to get together with everyone and take some theme photos. It looks like warmer temperatures are predicted for next week so I hope to ride my motorcycle. I renewed my permit last week. James says he’s going to be needing his boots and other gear back so I might have to go shopping for some things too.

Man In The City

William came over on Saturday to take photos and he was in a word – brilliant! Last week we had been talking about Robert Longo, Richard Avedon and a bunch of other artists who inspire us so we made some loose plans to have a photo-shoot the following Saturday. Any strategy conceived in the aftermath of a large Sunday dinner is suspect and likely to be abandoned at some point during the following week. In this case I was pleasantly surprised to hear that William was on his way over, especially when I found out he was working some sort of split-shift and only had a couple of hours to spare. That’s dedication to art.

I was having a lot of fun while William worked hard to get the right look for this series and thanks to him I think we got a lot of keepers from our short session. It’s always great working with artistic people who have the ability to translate and incorporate style into their everyday life.

Lighting info: Two SB600 flashes at 1/4 power on the background. SB900 at 1/2 power in shoot thru umbrella on boom stand directly above camera. SB800 at 1/16 camera right behind subject with DIY gridded snoot, though I’m not sure it was doing much of anything. There was a 42″ white reflector in front of the camera to add a little fill. I used the shoot-thru umbrella as the main light because in a small space it tends to create its own fill by bouncing light all around the room. I flagged the two background SB600 flashes on the camera sides to cut down on flare.

Winter Storms

Snow, sleet, ice, freezing rain and everything in between. It’s a weatherman’s wet dream, pun intended. The bunny who lives between the buildings was taking a nap in our basement garage yesterday. It is warm and dry there and he seemed genuinely upset that I disturbed him. Right now there is some sort of precipitation rasping on the windows and the television weatherman is droning on about the end of the world and impassible streets. Cool beans…

I made it to work and eventually found myself working alone because everyone else on my shift called in sick. Coming home late at night the driveway was blocked with snow but a couple of guys from the building next door gave me a push and with a lot of wheel spinning I managed to get the car up the drive and into the garage. In the morning the maintenance guys shoveled the drive but left a deep pile of snow at the end of the drive where it meets the street. Since I don’t actually own a four wheel drive military transport truck, of course I got stuck again. I’m not sure why highly paid workmen can’t figure out the last and most critical part of clearing a driveway but chances are the building management company forbids them from going in or near the street for liability reasons. So basically I must continue getting stuck in the rut at the bottom of the drive, a few feet short of dry pavement. Thank you so much.