Open Me First

I had a great time on Sunday with my friends from the St. Louis Strobist Group. Four photographers, four models, hair stylist, babies, grandmas, brothers, sisters… At times it seemed like a cast of thousands. I enjoy the energy of shooting with other people. Everyone contributes something new and I always pick up some great ideas.

A big thanks to Chef Wes Johnson and Melody Raccagno (the party girl) for hosting our little gathering. They had some great music playing at the restaurant that fit the mood of the day perfectly. For me it was a very successful day except that I caught a cold over the weekend and sitting at the computer editing photos for hours is brutal.

The lighting setup here is by my buddy Mike, AKA Alien Zen. I couldn’t resist taking a few shots of my own since he had done all the heavy lifting for me. The biggest challenge is getting far enough away in this small room. This was shot with the 12-24 Tokina lens.

My hero and good sport. Jumping in at the last minute and working with great patience. This was a great location with lots of variety that we tried to put to good use. If you would like to see more photos from this shoot go to and search for the tag STLS_AUG11.

Thanks again to our kind hosts and to everyone who assisted and made it a great day. Now where is my chicken soup?

Father Of The Four Winds

Next weekend promises to be busy. A fashion show on Saturday and a photo shoot on Sunday.


The fashion show is over at Morris in the Central West End and the photo shoot is at SALT restaurant (also in the CWE) on Lindell Blvd. The restaurant has a theatre room upstairs and it is decorated in an Egyptian theme. I’ve been thinking about ways to incorporate the design and looking around for other Egyptian style architecture in St. Louis.

I’m looking for models and other support people to help out with the photo shoot but I would like everyone else to come and support the restaurant by spending your money on brunch. it’s actually quite reasonable and the food is great. It’s a very pleasant, relaxing space and the staff is outstanding. Check it out on Sunday.

Salt – 4356 Lindell Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63108




Navigational Aids

There is a certain sense of satisfaction that comes from plotting a course and arriving at a predetermined destination. There is an even greater satisfaction that comes from successfully returning again. Sometimes we long to travel and see new things and other times we long only to return to the things and people we know.

When you get old some of those instinctive navigation and people skills seem to fade at times. Perhaps stiff joints make for stiff minds. I use a little padlock for my motorcycle helmet every day and over time it kept getting more and more difficult to open and close. It finally dawned on me to put a single drop of motor oil on the lock and it was magically restored to its youthful function. If only that worked as well for people. It’s what we all dream of… A magic pill to set things right.


More Summer Fun


More Summer time iPhone fun. I’m always jealous of stores with a big budget for displays that I can’t afford to compete with. This is a detail shot of an old windup Ferris Wheel toy I found at a department store.


I wanted to buy this old overpriced clock and should have made an offer on it but where would I put it? I’ll have to be happy with a photo instead.  😉


More department store goodness. These are very cool and they have three of them! It doesn’t seem fair but at least I got a quick shot before the salesperson started pestering me.


Peach time! This peach looked better than it tasted so I took a photo of it on my desk at work.