Long Days and Nights

September has been a marathon of photography, travel and photo editing. I bit off way more than I could chew and I’m looking forward to a weekend of doing mostly nothing.

Budapest was a grand adventure but hard on the feet. Lots of walking because we always like to see the places between the monuments and tourist destinations. My body is still not sure what time it is and on top of all that my work schedule has been rearranged, making me one crabby apple.

I guess I missed my little Isabella because I stopped to look at a lot of Hungarian bikes while I was there. This one seems to be bleeding a little oil.

Pickles & peppers makes me think of Grandma’s house. It’s time to make breakfast and get ready for work.

September 11th 2011

I spent the day taking photos and thinking about all that is great about this country. Sunday was also Grandparent’s Day. It’s a title I’m happy to wear. We went to see our little guy and have dinner together. Those were some of the biggest steaks I have ever seen and they tasted great at the end of a long day. On the way home we went through Forrest Park to see the 911 Memorial Flag Display, which is sad and inspiring at the same time. Ten years ago we couldn’t stop watching the endless television coverage of that event. It still stings to this day. What I morn the loss and all the waste that stemmed from it and continues today.

Don’t Leave Home Without It

The heat wave finally ended last Sunday and we are having glorious cool weather. It’s good for riding the motorcycle and just about anything else outside. We are going to a polo match on Saturday and I have a big car photo-shoot on Sunday.  The only thing missing is a good night’s sleep. Some fool was outside at two in the morning screaming his head off. The babies arrived early this morning and both are in a happy mood.

I ran off and forgot my iPhone yesterday for the first time in a long while. I missed it but reverted to making notes on paper instead. At 8:30 there were fireworks to the west in Forest Park. I went to reach for my phone… no phone, no photo. I’m looking forward to the new iPhones and finally having a flash. I’m wondering if it will be able to trigger an off camera slave. That would be pretty cool. I’ve been thinking about buying one of those LED light panels but of course I have not taken any action on that for some reason.



These are a couple of little detail shots from breakfast the other day.

Labor Day Noir

The other day someone said we should do a Noir photo-shoot. I couldn’t agree more so I decided to take a test run and convert this photo to black & white. It’s never a simple process, I just keep working away until I am either satisfied or too tired to go on.

I’m pretty happy with the end result here and it’s bed-time so I would like to wish everyone a happy Labor Day Weekend. May all your labors be labors of love.

I decided to add two more photos I just finished working on…