Line & Shape

Nothing much happening today

Nothing much to say

Nothing much to do but play

With lines and shapes

To make them look a certain way

At The Luna Cafe

On Saturday we went to the re-lighting of the restored Luna Cafe sign. That turned out to be the most productive thing I did all weekend in terms of photography. On Friday I set up the gray background with the intention of taking some photos indoors but I only got around to playing with the strobes for a while. I’m not sure I was in the proper mood for creating anything though I did carve a pumpkin on Sunday. On Monday I got a nice email telling me my website was not optimized for sales. Guess what, I’m not selling anything. I don’t care.

Fall Weekends Are For…

1) Photography  2) Road Trips  3) Pizza  4) Bonfires  5) Parties  6) Friends  7) Pie  8) Sleep-overs  9) Shopping  10) Sleeping late.

I love getting up and walking to breakfast somewhere in the neighborhood and there are lots of good places to choose from. I also like going to the antique store and looking at all the new things that come in. I ended up buying something today, which is unusual for me because it’s usually enough of a treat just to browse. I’m always looking for little props to use in photo-shoots that no one is interested in doing. I want to buy a globe but I’m pretty sure there is no space for it at home.


I thought I would be smart and preorder my iPhone. That worked great and it arrived before noon on Friday. I spent the next five hours trying to activate it. Debbie was up before dawn and at the AT&T store picking hers up and doing interviews on the morning news with a grand-baby in arms. She had hers updated and humming away before mine arrived. All’s well that ends well so after I had mine activated it was all great.


We spent the day today rounding up things for the Egyptian Mummy shoot. Gauze, feathers, background paper, straw and too many other things to mention.


We took some time out from errands to take photos of Henry at the pumpkin patch but he was not feeling like posing today. I got to try out the iPhone camera a little more and that was about it. Hopefully his Daddy got some good shots.


There was a lot to see and do at the pumpkin farm. Maybe too much…


Another fine blue sky October day. I’m glad I got outside to see it. I only wish I had a little more energy to enjoy it with.