The Great Unknown Show


The show must go on though the cast has all gone.

The costumes don’t fit and the main act recently quit.

Still we live to entertain, if only for another day.

We promise to amaze, step right this way…

New acts wanted! Long hours, low pay, hazardous conditions, Thrills.

Rejects, Selects, Edits…

Knowing where to start is hard. Knowing where to stop is harder still. Sometimes peer review helps, sometimes it does not. I often stop when I am too weary to continue. This usually happens very late at night or very early in the morning depending on your definition of the dividing line between night and day.

It’s often good to walk away, rest the eyes and clear the mind. The solution sometimes becomes simple or simpler… maybe. The trick is in being able to pick up again where you left off or being able to pick it up again at all. I’m grateful for the critiques and helpful input that went into these images. I don’t always follow the sage advice of others but I do consider it and it often helps me make up my mind. Sometimes it helps to define or refine my original thought process. At some point you have to put the work out as “finished.” Sometimes the finished products are a result of time running out or new projects or thoughts pushing them out of the way. Sometimes finished is a function of reaching the limit of your current skill set. Hopefully with time and practice comes the next limit and the next.

Drawing A Crowd…

Nadia is a person of many talents and is also a superior Ringmaster. A Circus should be fun, entertaining and amazing. Thanks for a great performance.

Kadie lays down the the rules and everyone must obey. Sharp and witty, eyes to die for. I don’t know if it’s the intrigue of the trench-coat or the get down to business attitude that impresses me the most.

Nadia in a light-hearted moment demonstrates the proper way to get the crowd’s attention.

Nadia wearing someone’s tuxedo… Who? Is she playing or is she serious? The circus is all about make believe and fantasy.

Kadie plays the part of a tough and curious detective in her true blue trench-coat. Pay attention slime bag!

Fashion, mystery and fun. I still have a lot of editing left to do from a very productive day of photography. Back to work!