Pro Crassi Nation

Just a couple of shots from last weeks “Swim Bike Run” shoot hosted by Rutster Photography in Earth City, Missouri. I felt like I swung and missed most of the day but the day went by quickly. Shooting away from home teaches you to be prepared or in my case tries to teach you.

Triathlon, yoga, body building, basketball and more. Of course I didn’t get around to shooting everyone and forgot to bring back up memory cards or a backdrop. I just seemed to be having an off day but it was still a lot of fun in spite of all that.

In case you are wondering, “Is photographing triathletes intimidating and does it make you feel like a big out of shape slob?”

Yes, just a little bit.



New Year’s Day 2012

It’s New Year’s Day… That means I should be making some sort of resolutions right? Maybe a good place to start would be by making decisions and then sticking with them. My first decision is to hit only home runs… No base hits, no sacrifice fly balls… Home runs and home runs only. Really? No. What I mean is deliver high quality only. Forget volume, it’s all about quality in 2012.