Old Time Religion

I finally finished scanning the film from my Brownie Hawkeye Flash camera. The back came off the camera before the roll of film was finished and caused some interesting light leaks on about half the frames. Taking photos with fifty year old box cameras always has the potential for adventure (or disaster).

I was just glad to be out taking photos on film which I have not done for a month. It’s a different experience for a number of reasons and I think the best one may be that there is a lack of the usual frantic shutter clicking and more thinking before committing to an exposure. It just seems less hectic to me. The downside is scanning the film, though you can have that done for you fairly inexpensively if you do it at the same time that the film is processed.

I think my favorite film camera may be the Brownie I converted into a pinhole camera by replacing the lens with a scrap of aluminum from a soda can and drilling a very tiny hole in it with a sewing needle. Of course that one requires ridiculously long exposures but you can also use that to your advantage at times.

I do own one Diana plastic toy camera which has it’s own slighty different pleasures and quirks. I guess that is another danger of film cameras, once you start using them on a regular basis you seem to start bringing home a bunch of strays from thrift stores and resale shops. It begins slowly and gets progressively worse until you or someone else finally cuts you off. I never have been big on collections but there are times when you can’t help falling for some small orphaned camera and before you know it you are driving home with it. It especially hard when the little darlings can be had for a couple of wrinkled dollar bills in your pocket that would have just gone for some greasy fast food that isn’t very good for you anyway. The thing about the Brownie Hawkey Flash, is that I use it on a fairly regular basis. That’s not to say it is superior to any of my other junk store finds, I just like the way it looks and they are still fairly easy to come by so I don’t have to worrry about breaking them (well not too much). I guess you could say I have grown accustomed to the camera’s small quirks and it also tolerates most of mine. My Brownies have also started a fair share of interesting conversations when people see me using it.