You’re As Cold As Ice

skateIt’s flat out cold here and even a couple of snow flurries have come and gone but nothing to really alter the landscape in any exciting way.

I’m feeling tired or lazy at the moment and I am not looking forward to going to work today but maybe it will distract me and give me something useful to do. It seems like I have not had the cameras out much in the last week. I’m still trying to finish my BHF film but it looks like that is going into next week.

I really wanted to get to New York or Chicago to take photos of the Christmas displays but I don’t know when I can find the time to go. It seems like ages since I have been on a trip but unfortunately trips just seem to be getting more and more expensive all the time and more work to pull off. I may have to pull out all my photos and take a virtual trip. I’m sure I could spend a week going through boxes of old prints and thinking about all the places I have been.

I guess the cold weather is a good excuse to get things organized. It’s been a while since I put together any photo albums. We pulled out a box of 11×17 prints yesterday and it was pretty cool going through those. I wish I could afford frames for all of them but of course right now I have it in my mind to buy a new lens instead. I just can’t decide what I want or if I even need one. Everyone has a different opinion about what is best, which makes sense because everyone has different needs. I would be nice if you could afford to buy one of everything and then make up your mind later.

This photo had a little bit of green cast from the mercury light at camera left so I decided to go with it for a sort of cross-processed look. I gave it a little blast of compensated flash in the forground just to put a little detail in the shadow areas. I was playing around earlier with rear-sync flash and taking photos of the Zamboni machine while the ice was being resurfaced. I was hoping the skaters would be more colorful but everyone seemed to be wearing black or gray.