Lens Error…

mybeachThe vacation is over and I am back at home and back to work. My Canon SD750 now has the infamous “lens error” message and can’t even be used as a card reader. I have tried all the suggested quick fixes and none have worked. I’ve had the front and back of the case off the camera so see if I could clean it and that is about as far as I could get the thing apart so far. I think it’s history and that does not make me happy. The cost of ownership works out to  about forty two cents per day for the time I have had the camera. This camera lasted months compared with my old film cameras which lasted years and in some cases decades.

I love pocket sized digital cameras for taking visual notes. I still have my original SD200 Elph which I had repaired when it stopped working a long time ago but it is of course hopelessly out of date now. I have another Canon which is between the two that was given to me with a broken latch on the card reader door. That camera stopped working about a month after I got it. Am I hard on cameras or is this just a problem with consumer grade cameras or Canon cameras in particular?

I’m not here to pick on Canon. From what I’ve read on line, the lens error thing is pretty common with all small cameras. I certainly didn’t treat my camera with kid gloves but I still expected to get more life out of it than I did. I’m not going to bother getting it repaired because I would rather put the money towards a new camera though I hate the idea of everything being disposable. So do I go with another Canon camera or give someone else a try? I’ve been pretty happy with the Canon though there are a lot of other choices out there. There is no money in the budget for a replacement at the moment so I guess I will have to get by with something else or lug around the DSLR everywhere I go (which I do pretty often anyway).