A Lazy Saturday

If I ever figure out how to use WordPress it will be a small miracle. I uploaded a video to the site but I can’t seem to insert it into the post. So the next best thing is to upload it to www.flickr.com and then embed it here which I have somehow been able to do or at least I think I have.

I’ve been looking at photos of my vacation and wasting a lot of time on bad workflow and trying to learn new software. I will have to reload the video again on flickr because after I loaded it I decided I wanted to change things within about a minute. Try and retry, I guess that is how we learn. Fail, fail, fail, succeed. Don’t fret the small missteps along the learning path. It sure is nice when you have someone to walk you through these things.

So if it all gets to be too much to take you can look at my little beach video for thirty seconds or so and relax before you dive in again (I hope).