A Long Way Home

Back To The Futuro

I was thinking about this Futuro House on the way back home. I wished in a way that we had arrived after dark but then my tripod was buried under a pile of things in the trunk of the car and there was a bike rack and the bike in the way as well.  I only had one flash with me so I threw a red gel on it and started blasting away. A big storm was coming towards us but there was still a lot of light in the sky.  I shot this at ISO 400 but I think an extra stop darker would have brought out more detail in the sky. It’s sort of a balancing act getting the flash and ambient light working together.

I shot this at 1/250th, f/4.5 with the SB900  cranked up to 1/1 power in manual mode using the RF602 wireless trigger. Multiple flashes would have been better or I could have used the tripod to take some multiple exposure shots.

I’m just happy that I finally got to see one of these fiberglass wonders from the future up close.


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  1. You seem to be ready for almost any photographic situation. The sign of a serious photographer. This is a fun and imaginative shot of the futuristic house.

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