A Lot To Do

Another great weekend and I am totally beat. I went to the open house at Gateway BMW on Saturday morning. It looked like rain but in the afternoon the clouds parted and we went for a long motorcycle ride ending with some really bad fast food. I was too tired to keep going. Should have just gotten something to drink.

On Sunday James and I took photos around town, grabbed some lunch and headed over to the transportation museum under clear blue skies. We had the Nikon gear with us and a Hasselblad to shoot some medium format film. At one point in the morning we were surprised by a couple of very large dogs living in the ruins of an old house. They didn’t seem too aggressive but that could have changed in a blink.

I used some fill flash for a lot of my shots at the transportation museum. The bright sun is just too contrasty to show any details in the shadows.  Inside I actually liked the look of the ambient light better than the flash so I used ISO 800 and shot hand held for the most part.

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