A Small Tea Party… Une Petit Partie de Thé


The holidays are over and the New Year is in full swing. Gone are the shopping excursions, gift wrapping and inevitable trips to exchange things for other things that probably won’t be remembered by the next round of holidays. Last year was full of triumphs, disappointments and far too many would-be internet philosophers. In fact 2012 could be called the year of the would-be, could-be everything. The land is littered with self proclaimed experts and to make matters worse the actual experts (people who actually get paid to tell us this stuff) are often no better than the amateurs. So I’m not going to tell you what or how you should do things, I’ll confine myself to showing you what I do and you can decide for yourself if it has any value or not. As Brian DeMint says, “Hey I never said I was any good.”


So last weekend I invited a few friends over to play a little dress-up and make believe. We had a several silly ideas to use as starting points. One was based on the idea of an imaginary Tea Party based on something Caroline said about warm tea being a cure all for just about everything. It was a very cold day so we took photographs in the basement, which was also very cold. Steve brought his LensBaby portrait lens and took some really cool blurry photos that inspired me to try recreating the same look using photo editing software.


The best way to get a serious photograph is to have someone do something silly first. It’s a sort of photographic warm up and gets everyone working together and feeling comfortable in front of the camera.


We started with the idea of recreating a 1920s prohibition speak-easy where the patrons go to have some fun without revealing their identities. After hours of drinking and partying they get sleepy and imagine themselves attending a child’s pretend tea party. The tea party moves ahead in time to a more surrealistic version with tasty treats and warm tea that makes them forget their everyday lives and reveals their inner performers.