And So We Begin

I was going to leave my Iphone at home, really I was but the prospect of long waits at the airport made me decide otherwise.

We are off on an adventure to Spain today. It’s nothing that millions of other people have not done before but it’s a big deal for us. Any sort of escape at all would have been just fine right now.

I have done little or no research for this trip because planning was no more relaxing than all my other chores. I’ve pretty much resigned this one to fate and intend to be carried along by whatever fickle wind that decides to blow. It seems foolish but it is an acknowledgement that I’m not in control of much anyway these days.

Our flight to Dallas is delayed by a mechanical problem with the flight computer. It figures that computers and half baked software would get one last kick at this dead horse. Problem resolved and paperwork filed, we are on our way to Dallas and from there to Madrid.

Dallas, Texas. We just had the worst BBQ brisket sandwich at a place called Cousins BBQ. Luckily we split one so the damage was minimal. Nothing to do at the moment except to charge the camera and iPhone batteries.