Another One Bites The Dust

No not the model (Samantha) who was great to work with. I dropped one of my flashes on the concrete floor and it died. The trigger survived as did the Lumiquest SoftBox III that was on it at the time. This photograph was taken with the New Lumiquest LTp SoftBox on a boom stand above and in front of the model. It’s a neat light modifier and as portable and quick to set up as you can get. I wish everything I had to carry up those three flights of stairs had been this compact and efficient.

We had a few new guys at our Strobist St. Louis Meet-Up last weekend and they were taking notes on my lighting setup using the Lumiquest SoftBoxes and even borrowed my flash trigger to take photos of their own using the new Lumiquest LTp. These small Lumiquest SoftBoxes work very well for taking on location because they take up virtually no room in the camera bag. They also take less than a minute to set up. Try that with a traditional softbox. I’ll already be taking photos while you are still getting started.

I used the same setup in this photo of Crystal. The light is soft and flattering. The setup is quick and easy.

This photo makes me realize that the Lumiquest SoftBox III and LTp Softbox are perfect for taking engagement photos on location. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been shooting outside and had an umbrella turn into a kite, sending my flash crashing to the ground.

These Lumiquest softboxes direct the flash output instead of scattering it in all directions like a dome style diffuser. That’s important when you are working in an area where there are no walls or ceilings to bounce back all that scattered light. I’m looking forward to playing with these some more but right now I have a ton of photos to sort out and deliver to all the models who showed up at our group photo shoot.

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  1. Good evening!
    I am actually in the process of researching softboxes for an upcoming event that I am photographing. I came across this post and found it to be very helpful, thank you! Now in this last photo here {full body man holding woman} is the only lighting source that you used either the Lumiquest SoftBox III or the LTp Softbox? Or did you have other lighting placed around the models? For the event, I will be taking photos {full body} at a company banquet. Do you think on of these soft boxes would work for me or should I be looking into other options? Thank you so much for you time!

  2. I had a white background and two additional flashes (and ambient light) in addition to the primary light on a boom just above and in front of the models. If you have the space I would opt for a larger modifier because the light will be more complimentary and will wrap around the subject, filling in some of the shadow for a less contrasty look. A shoot thru umbrella would work very well and is easy to set up and move around. If you are sold on using a softbox you might also want to consider the Westscott version that sets up similar to an umbrella.

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