April Showers

I’ve gone from feeling like death on a stale bun to just lazy. After being sick with the flu and a lung infection for the last three weeks I’m thinking it’s time to start getting busy again. April has brought a lot of rain and storm damage to the area. It’s raining again today so flooding will soon follow. Our family has had baby showers in addition to rain showers and leaky shower faucets so that has me thinking about buying some umbrellas but not the water repelling kind. I’m interested in umbrellas for lighting or light modifying. Trying to decide what to get and shopping for bargains as usual.

While I was trying to get well last week I spent a few days reading a new book by Scott Kelby, “Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques For Photographers using Photoshop.”

That’s a long title but it gives you a good idea who this book is aimed at. Depending on how much time you have already spent doing portrait retouching, some of this may seem familiar but there is a lot of great stuff you probably have not considered before unless you do this sort of thing full time.

This book is a must have for photographers who do their own editing or want to get started editing portraits. There is a great chapter on workflow and how to go about edits when you only have a limited amount of time to spend on each image. Scott provides several different ways to accomplish many tasks, which allows you to choose the best technique for the job at hand. There is also a great retouching checklist you can add to your photoshop menu to help keep you organized and not forget anything important. Ok, he’s not paying me so that’s enough about that. I liked it.

Now that it looks like I might live, I’m trying to figure out what my next project is going to be before grand baby number one arrives next month.