Art On Display

Window DisplayArt is all around us or at least it should be. I liked this window display a lot. I wish that the person who designed it had signed their work so I could give them full credit for it. I live in a city where the art is a sometimes alittle harder to find.

I’m all about photography and photography is all about everything else like art, architecture, people, fashion and food. Last night I had the pleasure of looking through some old family photo albums that I had never seen before. Some of the photos were blurry or underexposed but there were moments of genius mixed in with those moments captured half a century ago. The photos were black and white, some were rather small and had those fancy cut edges and white borders around them. The prints were the same size as the negatives which were 127 and 120 format film.

Joe McNally’s new book, “The Hot Shoe Diaries” came in the mail yesterday. It was a gift from my two nephews and I think I am going to enjoy it very much.

We also went to the movies yesterday to see the movie “NINE,” directed by Rob Marshall. One reason I wanted to see it is because we always see old B&W Federico Fellini movies like 8-1/2 (which this movie is based on) when we go to Katie’s Pizza. At Katie’s they show the movies on a wall at one end of the bar. I love watching those and trying to read the sub-titles while I eat toasted ravioli with pesto sauce.

I wanted to go to Katie’s yesterday after the movie but we had other plans to go meet up with the family and sort through boxes of Grandma’s of old cards, letters and photos.  We had a pretty good time and I snagged a couple of photos I liked. I think that before photography became common, people must have been much better storytellers than they are now but how could anyone accurately describe the scene from a Kindergarden class in 1932 along with the expressions on the faces of the children in that photograph? So many small details to remember. There are not very many people left to tell the story of that day.

I think you are supposed to look towards the future at the beginning of a new year and a new decade but I can’t seem to help looking back. Sometimes when I leave the house to go to work I wonder if I remembered to shut the door behind me. Looking back on the past makes me wonder if there is anything important I have overlooked or have forgotten. The story always seems to end the same way with someone pitching out half of what was important enough for someone else to save for decades. We all just want to be remembered and unless we are wealthy or famous it’s not likely to happen. In the end art is all that matters and art is nearly as fragile as we are. People may not remember us for who we are but maybe they will remember the art we create in our lives.