At The Luna Cafe

On Saturday we went to the re-lighting of the restored Luna Cafe sign. That turned out to be the most productive thing I did all weekend in terms of photography. On Friday I set up the gray background with the intention of taking some photos indoors but I only got around to playing with the strobes for a while. I’m not sure I was in the proper mood for creating anything though I did carve a pumpkin on Sunday. On Monday I got a nice email telling me my website was not optimized for sales. Guess what, I’m not selling anything. I don’t care.

2 Replies to “At The Luna Cafe”

  1. I photographed the sign just before Thanksgiving and have just posted those images on my site. They’re way down in the Neon Lives! gallery if you want to save time. Do you know what DATE that sign was made or installed? Did anybody mention that at the ceremony? I’m guessing no later than 1960. Thanks, Frank

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