Baby Baby Baby

I usually keep busy playing with the babies or just watching and enjoying them. Once in a while I remember to take some photos of them. Digital camera photography is slightly less stressful than the old film days where every shot was do or die. You had to make every shot count back then because you couldn’t afford to raise a bunch of kids and waste money on roll after roll of expensive film and processing. My lovely wife Debbie is the official baby photographer at our house. She is dedicated to documenting and preserving all those subtle changes that no one else seems to notice until they have passed.

I’ve treated this one like an old faded print, forgotten in an envelope, hidden in box in the back of a drawer. Making new photos look old is quite popular these days but I’m doing it here to make a point about memories and the passing of time… or at least I think I am.

I’ve managed to turn a Wren into a Robin. It’s a small tribute to Kodachrome (and redheads) and a big dedication to all the people I love.