Back To Basic (Training)

David Hobby is running Bootcamp II over at right now so I’ve been trying my best to follow along and not make too big of an ass out of myself (hey I really am trying). The idea is basically a simple cover shot using a couple of flashes. I already miss the nikon flash I borrowed from James but I hate borrowing things so I guess I will have to buy another flash as soon as I am able to afford it. The nikons can be turned way down to 1/64th power which makes working close (as in food shots) pretty nice. I picked up a little piece of plexiglass for this project. I wanted a bigger chunk to give me more working room but those were four times more than the price of the one I did get.

The girls made pesto last night and I was going to take photos of that too but I got started on another project instead. I did take a setup shot of this but it was so busy with junk as to be pretty useless. I’ll work on that in the future (right). The background is made with a strobe firing through a diffusion panel I (we) made out of ripstop nylon. The super secret frame is made out of a garment hanging rack I bought at a large Texas based retail store. It works pretty well and even has wheels on it which often get in the way when you are trying to cram a lot of things into a small space like I was here. The front light is a snooted flash with a grid made out of plastic sign material.

The title “Salt & Pepper To Taste” sounds like something David Hobby might be fond of saying, though it did not occur to me at the time I posted this on flickr.