Beautiful Boots

Well, maybe not beautiful but sometimes what you need. The weekend never seems to last as long as I would like and I never have the energy to do everything I want to. I still had my soft box set up in the Living Room so I took a couple of photos of boots for no particular reason. One SB800 flash from behind in a 24×30 soft box and a 24 inch reflector in the front. Black card table up against the wall on the right so I’m getting some fill on that side as well. Flash at 1/4 power. f/9 at 1/250th. ISO 400.

These boot are very comfortable but are just about ready for some new soles. I polished them the other day and I think they look pretty good. One the other hand, I am pretty tired this morning and it’s hard to wake up. I just now remembered that I have some film to pick up today so I guess scanning and editing will be my photography project for this week. I’m also working a little bit of overtime this week, which was not by choice but rather, “Needs of the business.” Oh well, sometimes that’s what it takes to keep me in beans and biscuits.

I could go on and on about form, function, beauty and art but other people have done that before. Sometimes you have to look hard to see the beauty and thought behind a simple object. I like the fact that it is often the most profoundly simple things that actually have the most thought invested in them. The lack of anything that is not needed is the soul of any good design. I’m meditating on the Tao of boots and one light photography. Keep it simple, keep it real. It is the space between the spokes that makes the wheel useful and the space within the boot that makes it fit…

2 Replies to “Beautiful Boots”

  1. It’s hard to part with boots that become that comfortable. Hope you know a good shoemaker that can give them new soles. We have until recently had a couple of shoemakers in the area, now, I’d have to look to find one. It may be a lost art in this area now.

    I like your thoughts on keeping things simple in photography. That’s how I want to run my life. The real stuff is what’s important.

  2. Ah the simple life. Thanks for the comments. All the complex things we surround ourselves with don’t seem to add much quality to life sometimes. Too many “wants” can spoil what is right in front of us.

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