Big Bang Beginnings

A lot of things seem to begin with a bang and radiate outwards from a central point. I like the symmetry of umbrellas and they are quite useful for a number of things like keeping the sun and rain at arm’s length or softening the light from a flash unit. A beach umbrella is a good metaphor for a day at the beach and makes me think of all the sights and sounds experienced in that particular environment and I seem to favor umbrellas as subjects for some reason.

I shot this photograph with my Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash with the reversed lens or “flipped”, which causes the corners of the frame to stretch out and blur in a dreamy way. I like taking photos with old cameras except for the inevitable scratches and dust on the film that take time and patience to correct. For me film seems to testify to an event in a way that pixels cannot. I won’t bother arguing the merits of film versus digital, I’m just pointing out that they are both different and that each provide a unique photographic experience.

A cold front moved into town last night giving a hint that summer may eventually end, though I know the hot weather is not finished yet. In fact, things are predicted to heat up again by the weekend when I hope to go on a long motorcycle ride with no destination in mind. I’m hoping that the thought of doing that will carry me through the rest of this week.

No Rain

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  1. Very nice effect! I was surprised at the results when my umbrella girl would get the umbrellas out to play. They do make a nice prop. I’d bought five of them in all different colors hoping to get all the kids down at the beach one day.

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