A Misty Morning in May


Driving west for a family visit on a misty Mother’s Day weekend. Old cars get me thinking about generations past and future along with birthdays and births happening in the present. We owe our families much and our Mothers most of all. The world would cease to exist if not for their dedication and sacrifice. Honor them today and everyday.

Whirlwind Days

October was a blur of many photo shoots. Car shoots, Costume shoots, Baby shoots, Fall Foliage shoots, Vacation shoots and chilly outdoor location shoots. Then Super Storm Sandy hit the East Coast and made everything else trivial. Big storms always make me think back to my own disaster days and all the places I have traveled to in the aftermath of earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes. Television coverage is a pale representation of the actual event and nothing can prepare you for the emotion of seeing large scale destruction first hand. There is nothing you can say to people in the first hours or days following such complete loss. I’m fortunate because along with all that I have also witnessed the resolve and determination that follows. People are simply amazing when faced with adversity. A lot of things will be rebuilt and reinvented in the months to follow. In many ways I wish I could be there to see it and to participate in the experience somehow.

October is over now, it’s time to begin new things and to give thanks for everything and everyone we love.


Bad Moon Rising

The past week has been infected with Zombies. Featuring: Kelsey Lawson, Moriah Momo Hahn, Shawna Ragsdale, Bridget Horan and Sheila Hager. It seems like I couldn’t go anywhere the past week without running into a Zombie. Zombie Runs, Zombie Bashes, Zombie Pinups and just plane old Zombies in the park.


Moving House & Mementos

We are moving at the end of the month and there is nothing like a move to show you just how much useless slag you have accumulated. So why is it so often very hard to part with those tokens of remembrance? And why are all the cool words to describe such things French. Damn you souvenir Tee-shirts.