By Popular Demand


I have never been popular or in demand except by people who wanted to sell me something. It seems like the question I get asked most often is, “Will you be my friend… for a few dollars?” Usually the offer of “friendship” ends up being for many dollars. Come and join the party. You can’t miss this and it only costs $$$. Where else can you get this sort of inspiration (and friendship) for less? Well, it turns out you can get it just about anywhere. Inspiration and friendship are available all around you at no cost. The tricky part is choosing friends and inspiration wisely and then acting on it instead of constantly looking for more of the same. Continue reading “By Popular Demand”

Child’s Play

We like to play at our house. We play with cameras, fabric, dolls and bears. Today playtime was interrupted by a biting incident. It was not a playful bite but the give me back my ball kind of a bite that hurts and makes you cry. Sometimes the betrayal hurts even worse than the bite. “How could you do that to me?”

And finally the secret of getting small children to sit still for a photograph… Apples.