A Misty Morning in May


Driving west for a family visit on a misty Mother’s Day weekend. Old cars get me thinking about generations past and future along with birthdays and births happening in the present. We owe our families much and our Mothers most of all. The world would cease to exist if not for their dedication and sacrifice. Honor them today and everyday.

Because It Fits





I think I’ve finally managed to get my new hard drive working after many mistakes and missteps along the way. I’m not sure if I learned anything from the experience.  The great thing about photography is that I have all these reminders of just how imperfect I am. As Pete Townshend said, “I can’t pretend there’s any meaning here or in the things I’m saying.” The thing is that photography like music, often fits with the way I’m feeling.  The difference is that I am more out of tune than in tune most of the time.


Save The Last Dance For Me

Save The Last Dance For Me

This is a sampling of photographs I made for the “Crazy Couture” photo shoot in Peoria, Illinois.  These were shot in an old warehouse near the riverfront using an inexpensive studio strobe in a large parabolic umbrella with a diffuser. The fill light is simply ambient light from the large windows. On the shots by the steel door I added a gelled Nikon SB800 as an accent.  The most valuable piece of gear I had with me was a borrowed step stool and my assistant who loaned me the step stool. It was around 40 degrees in the warehouse, tougher on models than photographers. No access to power except in the one working bathroom. All our gear works from battery power and the windows provided plenty of cloudy day diffused light to work by.


We found several interesting props on the floor where we were working and put them to good use. This was a relatively short shoot of about four hours but our up and back driving time was around six hours making for a pretty long day.


















I was testing the lighting on this frame but I like the mood and body language. Amy has a cool and natural grace that makes her a pleasure to photograph.


Heat Wave

There’s nothing new

And nothing to do

Just time running away

Like a plate and spoon

The hours drip and run

Like water from a rusty bucket

The sun finally hides behind the horizon

And ends a wasted day