Champagne Velvet


More Michigan finds for the viewfinder. I like signs and painted metal. The person who designed this must have had a day job working for the highway department because to me it looks like a worked over road sign. Maybe that was the idea in order to get you to pay attention.
The beer with the million dollar flavor… I guess a million dollars probably doesn’t buy as much beer as it used to when this sign was made. At least I still have my million dollar tastes if not the flavor (or the million).
There is some additional information about CV Beer at that looked interesting if you want to take a look. If I collected things I would have been tempted to buy this sign but I collect photos instead which makes loading the car at the end of the vacation a lot more simple.

2 Replies to “Champagne Velvet”

  1. Hello. My name is Donnie and me and a friend of mine found this exact sign in the woods by a river about 15 years ago. We had never heard of this beer before. I have the sign at my house and had really forgotten about it. The sign is rough around the edges from being in the dirt. Can you tell me when this sign could have been made and what kind of value that it might have? I do not want to sell it at this time because it is unique. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  2. I guess you would have to check with an antique dealer and a lot would depend on the actual condition of the sign.

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