Chasing Alice

Down the rabbit hole...
Down the rabbit hole...

It’s the middle of October and I’m currently thinking about all things make-believe. Halloween will soon be here and I am planning to spend most of the day taking photos around my neighborhood. First there is a dog parade, then a kid’s parade and finally an adult costume party after dark. It’s usually a blast and only a couple of blocks from home.

The other day I got a call asking if I would like to take some photos of a building that use to house a steel foundry. The building is being torn down (right now) so the question required some fairly quick thinking (or lack of thinking) on my part. I went over for a few hours on Saturday to scope it out and discovered that they are pretty far along from the look of things. I was still able to find some subjects that I found interesting and got several good action shots of the iron workers cutting up large chunks of steel into smaller chunks of steel that would fit on a trailer to be hauled away for scrap.

I may go back again if there is anything left standing by next Tuesday which is the first chance I will have. I’m not sure what else there is to photograph at the foundry but maybe the light will be different or I will be in a different frame of mind. The weather report is for clear skies and warm temperatures which is also perfect for one last kayak outing. I hate to pass that up but maybe we will get lucky and have two good days of weaher in a row.

I also need to find some time to work out a few lighting details for taking portrait photos of people in costumes. I need something better to carry my lighting gear in when going on location. The foundry had a fine covering of sooty sand and dust inside and coal black mud made out of the same stuff on the outside. You wouldn’t want to set anything down without taking some plastic to put down first. I got plenty dirty just walking around. I need that Pelican case!

I took some location photos last week that turned out to be a disaster because something was triggering my el cheapo radio triggers and causing the flash to go off at random. Then the other day when I was taking demolition photos one of the receivers fell on the ground and split open, spilling the battery out on the ground. If it had been any darker I never would have found the think in the three inches of black sooty casting sand I was standing in.

I’m hoping to order a better set of radio remotes next week. They are still the bargain variety but operate on a different frequency which is supposed to make them more reliable and have greater range. The bad news is that they will not show up for two weeks, too late to be of any use at the events I am going to this month. The old set of triggers is about toast and I can’t afford the more expensive Pocket Wizards right now. I’m hoping to buy two transmitters and four receivers to give myself at least one spare of each and with two transmitters, I will be able to fire the camera and the flashes at the same time on different channels. I’m not sure why I would want to do that right now but there must be some reason. Anyway spares are a good idea, especially with budget equipment.

I also had some visitors today but that story will have to wait. It involves men in suits and a parrot.

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