Cloud Buster

When I was a young boy we would fly kites like this one in a big field across the street from my house. The field was soon to become just another subdivision suburb but before that it provided us with a lot of entertainment.

These paper kites showed up around town again after an absence of about forty years when the old building where they were once manufactured was being renovated or torn down. At least that’s the story I have heard.

I’m glad to see that a few of these kites have survived all these years because none of mine usually survived more than one or two days. Crash and repair, then crash and repair again. Back in those days you could buy a kite for the loose change found beneath the couch cushions or for the return deposit on some glass bottles. Fortunately replacement kite sticks and mending tape to patch the torn paper cost even less.

Back then we used to dream often about flying and of what the future might bring. Some things have been worth the wait and some have not. While thoughtful people sit around trying to understand life, greedy people just go out and make foolish decisions that have a negative impact on the entire planet.

I suppose greed is somehow essential to human progress. If not for greed we would probably be naked and sitting around eating twigs and berries all day.

We move ahead at the expense of every other living thing. Another day, another busted dream.

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  1. Dennis wonderful reminiscing, it took me back. Greed doesn’t create progress it’s curiosity that makes progress. Greed is about keeping things for oneself. That human response restricts progress. Keep wondering and creating. You’ve lots more to give.

    cheers Jan

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