Cycles of Life

I got up early the other day to run some errands and wound up over at Donelson’s Motorcycle shop. They have a small museum there with some cool old bikes and racing memorabilia.

These guys are motorcyclists and have been all their lives. By comparison motorcycles are only a small footnote in my life. I’m only just now getting around to it or maybe back to it. I doubt that I will ever accumulate as many miles as a lot of people half my age have already traveled.

I walked around the room and looked at all the motorcycles and the photos on the walls of the fit young men full of confidence and swagger who rode them. I would have liked to see them race back then.

I thought about riding my own motorcycle to work be decided against it at the last moment. By the time I was ready to go home late that night a thunderstorm had started and I was glad to be dry inside the car. The hot weather continued the next day but I did go for a ride and picked up some boots and a helmet from James. After that I rode over to the park and then stopped for a late lunch. I was feeling tired so I went home and took a nap and dreamed about being young and taking long trips to far away places…

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