Dining Out

Lunch was great. I had a crispy chicken salad, which is thin strips of seseme crusted chicken fried golden brown and a small handfull of salad on the side. After lunch we went to a half dozen high end stores. The shopper shopped while I took photos outside under a clear blue sky.

We have had our share of restaurant mis-adventures but lunch and dinner were both oustanding. For dinner I had butternut squash ravioli and the travel expert had some sort of rissoto. My ravioli had duck ham in the sauce. It was all going well until someone decided that they needed desert and we had to wait an hour to get it. My back was screaming no mas! I took some Tylenol but that seems to take an hour to work. I took a hot bath and that worked until I started writing this bent over the nightstand. It’s midnight and time to call it a day. Goodnight Johnboy.