Dining Out


We had this Bolognese con Tagliatelle pasta the other night over at ~scape restaurant. Chef Eric put a different twist on traditional bolognese by tossing the pasta in parmesan cream sauce. It is so rich that you could split it with another person, be perfectly happy and no one would think any less of you. On the other hand, you might prefer to take the surplus home to eat quietly on the couch while you watch an old black & white Federico Fellini movie such as “La dolce vita.” Good food and decadence seem to go well together.

It has been a pretty good week around here for people who like food. On Sunday afternoon we went to the “Top Chef” competition sponsored by Metropolis and ALIVE magazine. Six of the best chefs in town (or should I say the six best chefs in town) came together to grill gourmet mini-burgers outdoors on a perfect fall afternoon. Well at least it was perfect from my perspective. I wasn’t the one slaving away over a hot grill trying to keep up with a demanding crowd of hungry burger munching carnivores.

It was hard to pick a clear winner since I have never met a burger I didn’t like. It was sort of like a gunfight where the bullets from each gunslinger collide in mid-air and fall harmlessly to the ground. All the burgers were unbelievably good. I wish that I had gotten some better photos of the burgers but it was quite a feeding frenzy and I had to run downtown for work right after we ate so I didn’t get a chance to hang out and talk to the chefs.