Dividing Lines

Lines divide and define things, allowing us to express ideas and create things with dimension. Lines are important in photography as a way to show perspective. Sometimes life becomes complicated by the divisions between people and sometimes we loose our sense of perspective and the ability to see through the eyes of other people.

I only wish that I could express half the things I think and feel but that takes skill and a receptive audience. Sometimes we wonder if there is anything new to discover in life or if we are only repeating the mistakes of the past. It’s easier to follow the ruts in the road than it is to get out of them and if we were only mildly observant we would learn from the mistakes of others instead of our own.

The are a thousand metaphors to guide us in our quest for a happy, productive life and yet human nature is to ignore all existing wisdom and to find out for ourselves the hard way. Experience is a great teacher but it can often be cruel as well.

We are allowed one life and it’s not just a practice run. You have to live life as best as you can every day. I believe that we are meant to create great things and ideas, not to be mere consumers of things.

One Reply to “Dividing Lines”

  1. I think we’re the happiest and most content when we actually do something, or create something of our own. Often with the computer, I’m tempted to run to it and see how everyone else drew a mouse or something equally silly, but then I wait and do it my way first and most times I like what I did on my own better than if I copied someone else’s idea.

    In photography, I don’t look a lot at other people’s work, but some. I am visually excited and inspired by much of what I see and yet I still want to do things my own way, like you said, make my own mistakes rather than just look up how it’s supposed to be done. I don’t always get a lot of response on my ideas, but I will continue to repeat the process until I’m done with it. What comes first to mind is my fixation with the white background sketchy look I’m so fond of lately. I don’t know where I’m going with it, only that I want to see the lines, which takes me right back to your title.

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