Doing Nothing in Michigan

“What are you going to do in Michigan?”


Going to Michigan has no agenda, no schedules and no purpose. We know we will go to the beach, stare at the sky and make lazy excursions in search of art and antiques. There will be frequent stops to find the best pastry, pie, fruit and berries… but there is no pre-imposed order to things. One hour naps will stretch to… many hours.

The midday sun is hot but not nearly as brutal as it is at home. We seek the shade and when there is none we retreat to the car or the cottage to read books or work on photos and drawings. It’s the lack of interruption that pleases me the most. Being able to follow a single thought from beginning to end is grand.

Inspiration and ideas are everywhere, the trick is being able to see and appreciate them. Sometimes a change of venue is needed, something like a reset switch to get everything back in working order again.

Long languid conversations with strangers about local gossip, tragedies and shared connections make the days fly past while adding to the fabric of our idealized version of this place.

Each day I stay later and later at the beach until it is deserted. I sit and watch the sky slide into darkness and then turn to climb the wooden steps that lead over the dune to our quiet little cottage.