Downtown Details

bicycles&shadowsWhen the light is good you can take a photo of just about anything and create a pleasing image. When you are tired and have blisters on your feet it adds to the challenge. I got to go to Chicago on my day off and just spent the afternoon and evening walking around downtown taking photos of whatever  caught my eye. In this case it was the light I was chasing.

I expected overcast skies and instead got sunshine and painterly clouds. I also took about half the junk out of my camera bag which made for a much lighter load. I used the 12-24 lens almost all day shooting at the wide end quite a bit. I still long for an 85mm for low light stuff though I get by with the less expensive 50mm pretty well.

I need to see if I can borrow the D90 and the 18-200 zoom with VR that the guys over at bought recently. In an office full of gear heads it is still in pretty high demand after hours and on the weekends. After a crippling sore neck and pounding headaches during my vacation I can appreciate an all-in-one lens for walking around town.

My heavy lens is the one I use the least. It’s old and has all glass elements. It’s not even very fast but it still weighs a lot when you carry it around all day. If I had a lot of money I would probably own even heavier pro glass and complain about that too.

I have also started carrying around a flash unit more often and that along with the batteries also add weight to the bag, a Lowe Slingshot 200. I got this bag because it would limit the amount of stuff I could carry but somehow I have still managed to stuff enough in it to make a lumberjack cry. All the weight hangs on one shoulder which works very well, up to a point and I think I have gone past that point.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that bag but I have just crammed too much in it and I’m going to have to back off of that.

After having a blast shooting downtown I met my lovely assistant at the train station and we went to the Hyatt to have dinner at the Red Bar. Walking around Chicago with a heavy camera bag for eight hours is good for the appetite.