Dreaming Of Spring

Imagine floating on your back surrounded by warmth and thinking about nothing in particular. At some point you may begin to daydream about the great food you ate last night, what you had to drink or how good the bed finally felt at the end of the long day – but not yet.

Right now you are not thinking at all, you are just floating in a pool of sparkling clean water as the gentle sun in the late afternoon warms both you and the water to the perfect temperature. You could almost fall asleep right now but suddenly the phone rings much too loudly next to your drooping head and you realize that you are not in a warm pool, the sun is not shining and you are not relaxed. You are  just tired of winter.

It’s not that winter has been all that bad, at least not half as bad as the television weathermen have predicted it to be, it’s just that it has already gone on way too long and the worst of it always seems to be on your days off so that you are stuck inside the house looking out at the dull gray sky with nothing interesting to do. This is a post about nothing other than my discontentment with the weather, which is probably about something else anyway (take your pick). I’m ready for spring to arrive and ready for a trip to somewhere much more exotic than here and I’ve only got a few more weeks to wait until my vacation is scheduled to begin. Pretty soon I will be trying to decide what to wear and what to take with me. I’m undecided about camera gear but I am currently leaning towards taking a very minimal kit so that I can travel fast and light. I was thinking about taking the Agfa Jsoly which gets 16 shots on a roll of 120 film. No batteries means no chargers or cords either. I have not replaced my point and shoot camera because the iPhone is so much fun that I can’t stop playing with it. Travel is one of the reasons I was attracted to the Iphone to begin with so now that I have one I want to take advantage of the expensive thing as much as possible.

The iPhone allows you to text (and flirt) in French, which may be one of its best selling points. I’m not thinking about that or anything else right now. I’m just dreaming about warm water and blue skies… at least until the phone rings again.

3 Replies to “Dreaming Of Spring”

  1. You have an iPhone? I’m impressed. I don’t even have a cell phone. I used to have one but I kept forgetting it at home and decided I was paying for something I never used. Haven’t missed it. I don’t have an iPod either. I did recently buy the Olympus Pen EP-1 so I guess I’m not quite relegated to dusty history quite yet.

  2. Yes, I was finally dragged into the current century (or at least my phone was). The phone feature is actually the least used part, which is fine by me. I love playing with the camera and all the different photography applications, most of which can be had for no cost. The best part is that immediately after taking a photo, you can share it in a dozen different ways without having to fire up the computer at home and downloading everything.

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