Every Dog Must Have His Day

foodiptychDogs and people seem to have a lot in common and maybe that is why they usually get along pretty well. Every dog must have his day and today is the last day of the year. It seems like a long time coming and now that it is here I’m a little sad that the holidays are coming to an end. All the old songs and cliches seem to be coming to mind today. Sayings about dogs, days and life in general are flooding my brain and there is some sort of Beatles compilation playing in the kitchen which keeps reminding me of things from a long time ago.

I’m trying to figure out now if I learned anything in the past year or just managed to get a little older. The songs on the radio make me think we had all the right answers a long time ago, so why is the world such a mess now? This blog is about the good things in life so I would rather concentrate on those while they (and I) last.

We went out for a bit last night but there was nothing to do and no one interesting to look at. We went to a very good party the night before and I took photos of just about everyone there. There was a good white ceiling for bouncing the flash off of and I got decent (shadowless) results for the most part. I dragged the shutter a little too much in some cases and got some motion blur at times but I like the ambient light so that’s what happens occasionally. I wore out a set of flash batteries taking photos. People are often reluctant to be photographed but then everyone wants the photos after you have taken them. Trust me, I’m not going to post photos that make people look bad if I can help it.

It was very cold in Chicago but totally worth it to finally get out of town and see some decent holiday window displays and stylish people on the streets. Sometimes I can have a blast just taking out of focus photos of Christmas lights. It’s been done a thousand times before but it feels like part of the holiday tradition to get blurry photos of abstract color.

The Pelican Carry On (1510) Case went on its maiden air voyage this week. Another valuable feature is that you can use it as a table and not worry about spilling coffee on your camera gear. The other great thing about the Pelican case is I was finally able to relax and not worry about some jerk beating my gear to death trying to get their jumbo sized bag in the overhead. Peace on earth and peace of mind. Thanks Pelican!

Six out of ten family members were traveling this week which is is sort of interesting. At least one had the sense to go somewhere warm.

So we are down to the end of 2009 and New Year’s Eve is a holiday without religious or cultural liabilities and that is fine by me. I was getting tired of worrying about stepping on people’s toes for the last month or so.

Happy New Year to everyone! Tomorrow we push back from the dinner table and start working out.  😉

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