Fantastic Fall

I fell over today. The weather was great so we went to a ride. Taylor found a very twisty road with a bunch of twenty five mile per hour turns. Oh yeah, I survived that but when we pulled over at a turn-out I was trying to turn my bike around and fell over. I wasn’t going fast. In fact I was barely moving. I had the handlebars turned all the way over to the left and was leaning over when the front wheel hit a rock and came to an abrupt stop. Nowhere to go but down, so I rolled off and out from under it. I was pretty mad. I couldn’t even see the rock I hit because it was hidden by some tall weeds. I traced my tracks through the gravel up to this rock that was barely the size of a softball but it was just the right size and shape to stop me cold. No damage done except to pride. The bike was harder to pick up than I thought it would be. I was glad to have help.

Earlier in the day we had gone off the pavement and spent a few minutes riding around on rutted dirt and large gravel. Riding on unpaved surfaces makes the motorcycle act strange and is a little unsettling. Standing up on the pegs is supposed to help the bike work under you but it is also wears you out pretty fast. I guess it was good practice but it didn’t do me much good when I fell over. The other thing was the wind and when you get to 50-60-70 miles per hour the wind makes me tense. Being tense also wears you out. The bike usually goes where it is supposed to regardless of how hard you hold on. Perhaps that is a metaphor for other things. My To-Do List says, “Ride, ride ride.”

The weather in general has been great for the last couple of weeks. So if I must fall, I’m happy to do it during Autumn.