Feeling Like Less Than A Million Bucks

I admit it, I am tired today. I guess that’s natural after coming home from vacation.

The weather was perfect yesterday but now the skies are cloudy all day. I miss Wyoming where the deer, antelope and just about every other sort of wildlife play. I’m thinking that an RV (recreational vehicle) would be the best way to see everything without having to double back to the hotel each day. Probably out of my price range but it sure would be nice to be able to take an afternoon nap in the back of the bus or grab something to eat out of the built in mini-bar.

I was less than happy with most of the photos I took on this trip but that is typical when you are rushing around from one site to the next. Sometimes the best you can hope for is a blurry record of your trip under murderously contrasty skies. Rush, rush and more rush. We did get to see a lot in the short time we had to spend there.

X marks the spot. I liked the way these fallen trees formed a pattern in the foreground. It would have been nice if I had checked the ISO setting before I took this photo.

I’m sure there is a better composition to be made here but I was so stunned by the colors that they were all I could think of at that moment. There is a boardwalk path going through these thermal springs so I suppose one person takes about the same photo as the next. This was one of my favorite spots in the park.

Buffalo posing for a nickel. Usually they have their heads down in the grass minding their own business. This was taken at a spot where a lot of buffalos were crossing the road and the traffic was stopped. The world really has no need for more photos like this but I took one anyway.