Fogged In

mcphersonlotWe have had about a week of fog and of course I have been out taking photographs in the fog. We went a little earlier last night and it was not as cold but by the time we had finished (or given up) the fog had become more like rain. The lens was getting covered with raindrops faster than I could clean it and make an exposure so we finally decided to call it a night. I lost the UV filter on my zoom lens last week so I ordered a set of three Hoya filters; one UV, one warming and one polarizing. I was glad I had the new filter.

Earlier in the day we went to the Terrace View Cafe and got the beet salad which was as good looking as it was to eat. When I was a child my Grandmother always tried to get me to eat beets, which she claimed were good for me but then she said the same thing about liver so I never actually tried the beets.