Forces Of Influence

The office complex where I have worked for the last ten years has an eclectic collection of artwork hanging in the hallways. Of all the various works presented there are two by the artist Robert Longo that have made a lasting impression on me. They are from a series Robert did in 1979 called, “Men In The Cities.”

There are actually men and women in the series and many of the works are simply labeled as “Untitled.”

These are a couple of shots I created that are loosely based on Robert’s influence.

I like working with angles and it’s interesting to see how the models interpret my confusing instructions. It also seems to help work out any apprehension the model and I may have about working with each other. If you can make these contortions work then everything else is easy by comparison. The models feel free to be creative and are not so concerned about looking awkward or silly after this.

We were rocking the white background at this photo shoot so I’m going to throw in a couple of other shots from that session I like.