I wanted to write in my blog today but I am running out of day and have not come up with much to say about anything. I didn’t win the lighting package from so I guess I will have to keep saving for additional flash units on my own.

I have a lot of photos to work on from my two recent trips to Chicago. Hopefully I will get caught up by the time my day off comes around again. I finally got the film developed from my Brownie Hawkeye and Sawyer’s Nomad cameras. I’m getting those photos scanned and edited at the moment and trying to work on the rest of the Chicago images as time permits. The kids are having a party tonight but I have to work. I thought about going over there after midnight but truth be told I am sort of tired.

Walking around Chicago wore me out but not as much as sitting over a computer keyboard for eight hours. I’m all aches and more aches tonight. I noticed that I managed to capture quite a few orange subjects on my recent trip. I’m not sure what that means but it was interesting. I also have a whole slug of bicycle photos to work on. I guess that means that I will take advantage of whatever tired cliche crosses my path. I think they will be of interest when viewed as a set. Maybe…

I have lots to do and very little time to do it. I hope I can manage to do at least one or two things well.

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