Funduro Log – Day 4

It rained late last night and seemed to threaten rain again this morning. I knew it was only going to get either hotter or wetter as the day went on so I headed over to Taylor’s house to take another stab at riding the Funduro. My idea was to find a nice empty parking lot to practice stopping, starting and turning. Taylor took the lead and I followed behind, grateful not to be bothered with direction finding or worrying about what areas to avoid. We rode all around and finally stopped at an empty parking lot where he had me ride circles around a lamp post for about five minutes and then we started off down the road along River Des Peres and then to the military cemetery. I missed a few (dozen) shifts and took a few turns too wide but I was feeling a lot better in spite of the heat inside my helmet that felt like the inside of a large roasting pot.

When we stopped at a gas station, one of the other customers came over and looked at our bikes. He seemed to think the Funduro was some sort of a sport bike because of the fairing. I tried to explain to him that it was really an enduro or hybrid motorcycle that could also be ridden off the pavement. He finally got the connection when he looked at Taylor’s tall GS with the knobby tires. Then he started telling a story about riding dirt bikes to Baja Mexico. After that came the apocryphal story of finding an old Harley Davidson in a barn in perfect running condition with the exception of the dry-rotted tires… Time to go.

The heat was getting to me again so we headed back to the house and ate some lunch. After that we decided to take an excursion in another direction towards Creve Coeur Lake. It was a long way and I was ready for a drink of anything with some ice in it. We made another quick stop to rehydrate and decided to head over to the BMW dealer to pick up an axel bolt Taylor had ordered last week. I also wanted them to look at my neutral light, which had stopped working. They were already closing up shop when we arrived but Taylor got his part and they did look at my indicator light but the bike was too hot to do much with so we left that for another day. When we got back to the house dinner was on the stove and  there were plenty of cold drinks and ice in the fridge.

We ate dinner and then sat for a while and talked about the day until I managed to work up just enough energy to drive back home. I’ll sleep well tonight, with the sound of the road and the F650 engine thump-thumping softly in my brain.