Funduro Log – Day 5


Sunday arrives and everyone is feeling tired and lazy. We watch some TV on the big screen until deep into the afternoon. I finally convince Taylor that it’s time for another ride and off we go again. I put the luggage back on the Funduro to see if it would feel any different. I actually forgot about it after we got going but then it was empty so it had little affect. We fiddled with the neutral light a bit and it started working a bit. Something probably needs to be cleaned or tightened.

I did a little better with my shifts today and we practiced stopping on loose gravel by locking up the back tire to see what it feels like when that happens. I was reminded of my first motorcycle lesson back in the 1970s riding a Honda Super 90 on wet grass. Today we looked for some trails to ride on but didn’t find any. My engine died on the way home after a hard stop, making me think the gas tank was getting empty so I switched on the reserve. Taylor seemed skeptical because he bought gas on the way home from the BMW dealer the other day when he picked up the bike. He didn’t seem to remember exactly how much gas he bought  so I’ll buy gas the next time I go out just to be sure.

On the way home we stopped for hamburgers and a cold drink. To me it seems like the stops punctuate the riding and put it into perspective. You can’t have a good ride without a good stop, at least that’s the way it seems to work in my mind. Before we stopped the low afternoon sun had been blinding as we road west but after we finished our burger stop we were treated to a glowing gold sunset.

That’s the end of my five day Funduro Log this week. I’m hoping there are many more tales to tell in the future. Maybe a Funduro road trip in September or a Funduro campout in October. It’s been a long while since I’ve been camping, maybe even longer than it’s been since I was on a motorcycle. Am I in my second childhood? I hope so…

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