Get Out Of Town

Maryland Avenue in the Central West End neighborhood, City of St. Louis. December 2010.

My friend Mary wrote to ask how much an 8×10 print of this photograph might cost. Hmmm… I don’t really sell 8×10 prints so I guess I’ll have to email a cropped version. I’m seriously picky about the way photographs are cropped and framed and I usually only make small prints as gifts or cards. I’m just happy that someone besides me likes this photo. I thought it was sort of generic but it still makes a nice memory of my cold and solitary walk in the snow.

During the holidays there is a mass migration to return to the a place once known simply as home and everyone seems to be going somewhere else. Several days later the whole process is reversed and the holiday departures are usually made with far less fanfare than the arrivals. Clothes and luggage are in complete disarray and there are odd food wrappers littering the interior of the car. There was a great rush to arrive and an even greater haste to beat it out of town ahead of the bad weather and winter darkness. In a few miles the car will be warm and the memories of friends and family will help to pass the many miles.