Halloween Debrief

Saturday night was the big Halloween Party in the Central West End. I took my D300 and my DIY ring-flash adaptor, which always generates a lot of interest (the first photo is a self portrait). I only saw a couple of other serious looking photographer types there and both were using Gary Fong flash accessories; those Tupperware looking things which cost way too much but must work because a lot of people like to use them.

I love a good Zombie Girl stare down. This is a crop of a larger image I took while I was standing on a chair. Lighting these things is a bit of a problem when you are working in a crowd so there is usually a lot of burning in of the background after the fact. I like the eye contact. It’s not always possible to ask first (or desirable) before taking a photograph. I’m not in it to make anyone mad or uncomfortable so I hope no one was left feeling that way.

Polka Dot Delights. I like the makeup work here. Very cool.

Look this way! I was wishing for a hair light here. I may have done a better job on the hair if I was willing to spend more time or just left the cluttered background alone. It’s alright for web viewing but I probably wouldn’t print it without doing a lot more work.

Beware of sharp edges.

This Costume was a crowd pleaser and this blue striped lady put on a great performance onstage. I guess the judges were looking for something different and that’s too bad. I think we need to encourage more of this sort of artistic creativity around here. Just saying…

My favorite power couple and the best of company as you can tell just by looking at those smiles. I had a great time taking photos as I always do and now it’s time to start planning the next project.

I posted some more photos over at Flickr – do a search for CWE Halloween 2010. You’ll see mine and others that way.