Happy Viewfinder

My replacement viewfinder cover came the other day along with my 120 film. No progress today on the Brownie Hawkeye Flash Challenge. Maybe I will take some photos tomorrow if it’s not too cold outside. I put film in the SX70 after looking at a bunch of Pola-Diptychs on Flickr. No plans for that yet. Sometimes it’s better not to have a plan and just wait for things to happen. There is also film in the Agfa Jsoly waiting for inspiration to hit. Sometimes I have to laugh at myself when I leave the house armed to the teeth with cameras. I actually find it difficult to shoot with more than one camera or format at a time because it seems to distract me from what I am doing. The regular Polaroid is the worst because you have to do something with the prints while they dry and there is almost never anywhere to set them down without getting dust on them. Why is it always windy when I take out the Polaroid? At least the SX70 prints can go in a shirt pocket and not get too distressed.

So here is the problem – Many (not too many) cameras and little time to use them well. Not to mention the post processing of images which always requires much more time than it should. All for an audience of one.

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  1. Your words here, “I leave the house armed to the teeth with cameras.” left me with a great visual image of you and wanting a photo of that. I’ve always despised having to take self portraits and rarely is there anyone to photograph the photographer, especially one leaving for work. Another vision of Dagwood comes to mind here, with you and your cameras in the leading role. If I could sketch it, I would but for now, your words created the vision in my mind.

    As for the audience of one, I have wondered what makes a photographer famous. Is it that he is talented and his work is extraordinary, or is it that his work gets a lot of public exposure?

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